The specialist in sustainable energy solutions

Welcome at PowerSolution, your address for an affordable and sustainable energy solution!

We can help you to increase your energy independence are even make your place totally off-grid.
We do this by offering sustainable solutions such as solar panels, energy storage and mobile energy systems.

PowerSolution has been a young, innovative company since 2012 under the name iLite Montage. Our expertise are installing solar panels, energy storage facilities, mobile energy often used in vehicles or mobile homes. In 2019 the company name was converted to PowerSolution because this name more covers the load of our business activities.

What we stand for:

      ✔   A-quality; we only work with the best materials and systems.
      ✔   Fair prices; we provide fair market prices.
      ✔   Good service; after delivery of a system we are also your point of contact after this.
      ✔   Expertise; with good guarantees and delivery conditions.
      ✔   Innovative solutions; we work with the latest systems to achieve the highest possible output and to                  offer a good solution