We have developed our own Plug and Play unit

We make / produce the power unit on demand, the unit is producing AC socket power on every place you like to have this available. For example in your Camper Van, Work Van or a off-grid cabin. Let as know where you need it for and we make a unit specially for your situation. We can make you one for a price where you normally only can sell the loose components for!

This unit is a simple plug and play unit and is easy to install yourself.

You can hook your solar panels on it, a windturbine, auxiliary battery, starter battery the AC from a power outlet, and still everything will work perfectly together.

  • AC power output possible from 500w till 5000w are even more. 
  • Solar panel input possible for 1 to 10 panels are even more. 
  • Battery: You can connect every battery, for example: Gel, AGM, lifePo4 etc. 
  • Safety: The unit is equipped with the most advanced earth protection and fuses.
  • Readout: everything can be readout by bluetooth on your smartphone, ipad, etc. 

Picture underneath is an example of a PowerUnit specially made for an expedition vehicle. 

powerunit jpg

Do you want an easy to install PowerUnit with smart functions that is specially engineered for your personal situation?
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